Creative Mentoring Program


If you are looking to create authentic, original artwork that deeply speaks to you, reignites and strengthens your creativity, then you are in the right place.


Welcome to your safe space to challenge the "norm" and explore your creativity. Your adventure begins by learning the rules, and then respectfully leaving them behind. Here, it's time to play and be fearless, to make mistakes in the name of learning.


My mentoring reflects my playful, creative, passionate, and freeing nature, always with a solid structure and sharp focus.  With my bird's eye view, strong intuition, and clairvoyant abilities, I can quickly identify where attention is needed, where energy flows, and where it's stagnant.


Here are some areas where creative mentoring can be beneficial:


-If you're looking to step into a new identity of authenticity and originality

-If you're curious about developing confidence in sculpting 3D artwork or other encaustic and mixed media techniques

-If you bravely want to stretch your creative boundaries

-If you yearn to experience a spiritual connectedness through the creative process

-If you're ready to transform aspects that have kept you from fully expressing your true creativity

-If any of the above resonate with you, one-on-one creative mentoring might be the perfect fit for you.


Here's how it works:

Each session is done in the comfort of your home, online in a private meeting on Zoom.


Book a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session to see if Creative Mentoring is a good fit for what you have in mind. This will also give you an opportunity to hear more about how it works. I am open to the telephone if technology is a barrier for you
If you decide to move forward with mentoring, you can select any of the following options to get started. Then we'll schedule your first session and you'll be ready to go!
Commitment Options (Sessions are paid upfront prior to your scheduled session. All prices are in CDN dollars.)

Starting at:

Single Session (90 minutes) $225

3-hour session $400

Two 3-hour sessions (6 hours total) $750

Two 4-hour sessions (8 hours total) $960

Three 4-hour sessions (12 hours total) $1400




- My 1:1 zoom workshop with Amanda was a pleasure! She listened to my interests and customized the course accordingly. Even though I am very familiar with encaustic, I learned new techniques that I am excited to incorporate into my process. Amanda also gave me expert tips on how to use each product. She’s very generous with her knowledge and process. This workshop was definitely worth the investment! Highly recommend it! Invest in yourself as an artist. It’s the best way to grow.

Encaustic Artist
United States


- I just had two amazing days in a zoom workshop with Amanda. She’s so generous with her knowledge and an endless fountain of goodies that she shares. Now I have to get to work and start practicing all these exciting techniques. 😍

Encaustic Artist
United States


- Participating in Amanda's 1:1 Zoom workshop was an absolute delight! Her ability to tailor the course to my specific interests made the experience truly personalized. Despite my familiarity with encaustic, I discovered many new techniques that I can't wait to integrate into my artistic process. Amanda's expertise shone through as she generously shared insider tips on product usage. It's evident that she's passionate about empowering artists to grow, and investing in her workshop was undoubtedly worth it! I have always wanted to join Amanda's two-day Wabi-Sabi encaustic texture and embedding workshop, but living in the States, the distance has always been too far for me. This one-on-one, two-day encaustic workshop was perfect! I highly recommend seizing the opportunity to learn from Amanda – it's a fantastic way to nurture your artistic journey and expand your skills.

Encaustic Artist
United states


- I have taken two private zoom workshops with Amanda and they have both been amazing! One was Wabi-Sabi Encaustic and the other was Photo Encaustic. She is very clear with directions and what supplies one will need in advance. She is also patient and kind. I learned SO MUCH in both workshops in addition to creating some of the favorite pieces I ever made! -

Encaustic Artist
United States


- Just spent 3 of the best hours ever playing “grungy glitz” with Amanda. I’ve admired her work forever and finally got a chance to work with her during a private Zoom workshop. The time flew by as she taught by example, providing terrific tips and tricks as we worked together. She is an amazing artist and teacher, flexible and highly motivating, and it was my great privilege to work with her. Now I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to larger pieces in a new body of work.

Encaustic Artist
United States