Asemic Writing – Mark Making Workshop

Wanuskewin, pronounced Wanu-ski-win is a Cree word meaning : seeking peace of mind. This is a full day workshop. Both meditative and exploratory in nature. In this workshop you will learn to let go and trust your intuition, you will learn different ways to create mark making and how to incorporate your own marks into warm wax along with other ephemera while focusing on that which brings you peace.

We will be carving into warm wax. Asemic writing is wordless open semantic form of writing without the smallest unit of meaning. But I prefer to view asemic writing as an expression of a personal inner language, one perhaps even the maker cannot translate cognitively. In this workshop, we will experiment with various approaches to asemic writing both large and small, experimenting with different mark making tools.

Each piece will be a result of elements converging in a one time only way resulting in a furiously original abstract encaustic painting and honoring your self discovery. Self expression and freedom is welcome and fun is guaranteed!