My people will sleep for one hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back” –Louis Riel

“While creating this small body of work, I wanted to show the numbers lost,” and acknowledged the over 6509 children that have been discovered since starting these art pieces. “Every bundle, twig, bead, etch mark, nail, rusted piece represents a child lost. I created this series to engage people in conversation and to look closely into the art and see/feel the numbers gone.” The Un-Earthed collection was created to “tell the story of truth and reconciliation through an Indigenous artist lens,” intentionally using reclaimed and recycled materials to serve as a commentary on our “throwaway society.” In referencing today’s wasteful, disposable culture from an Indigenous perspective. Additionally, the sculptures and totems created represent the grave markers or headstones the children never received.  Creating these pieces is my way of reinforcing how their lives did matter, that they will not be forgotten, and that their story will be shared. Not only was the purpose of this body of work to honour the experiences of Indigenous peoples, it was also to provide a learning opportunity for settlers and create a bridge and healing opportunity for Indigenous people and Settlers alike,”