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I am now offering different ways tailored for you to learn

Group lessons at my studio

This is the best way to watch me demonstrate the techniques in front of a small group up to six students.

Private lessons at my studio

One-on-one private workshops allow you to focus extensively on what you want to dive deep into and learn about encaustics or sculptures and the benefit is you get me all to yourself!

Zoom video workshop

Even if you can’t make it to my studio I can help!

I am now offering an online personalized mentorship program via Zoom.

Tutorial videos


I will add videos for you to learn at your pace!




It was so uplifting to take Amanda's Wabi Sabi Encaustic workshop.
We were able to use our creativity by applying it to each of our multi-media pieces of art. Amanda encouraged each student to pursue their individual touches by using a great variety of supplies she made available to all of us. She was very organized and able to cover several techniques that weren't originally planned in the 3 hr time period.
The class felt comfortable to engage in a free form manner without feeling any judgement. I would give this workshop a score of 10 out of 10!!!

Again merci Amanda for making our afternoon an enjoyable experience.
"I’ve taken four workshops with Amanda now and I know I’ll be back for more. She’s a wonderful teacher… giving instruction, guidance and encouragement throughout the entire process. I've enjoyed every workshop... the encaustic bowls, birds and Nana's Garden as well as my latest Garden Goddess which I love! I've taken other workshops where I bring my item home and feel like it's not quite finished but the pieces I've done with Amanda are all proudly displayed in my home. I even convinced my husband to join me at the latest workshop and he thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Thanks so much for sharing your very special gift, Amanda... we'll be back!"
"Spending the day, on a one-on-one private session with Amanda was beyond my expectations. I had only done one workshop (skinny totems) with her and was hooked. I needed her expertise and attention all to myself to get a real feel for encaustic and it was amazing. Amanda is kind, patient, supportive, encouraging and sooo easy to be with. Positive vibes only. I highly recommend a private for anyone who is a newbie. Loved my day. Will be back for sure with a few friends in tow. And, again, grateful to Patti Glover for o traducing me to Amanda!"
"I never end up with something when I take a workshop. It usually percolates and then it comes out in my work. To have inspiration right from the get go was new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Amanda is very generous in sharing her knowledge and I had a blast!!!! I will probably do another class with her, she's just fantastic!"
"Just completed a fabulous workshop with Amanda. Two days of fun, learning new techniques, discovering new products and meeting other artists. Amanda shares tips and techniques, with a fun and interactive approach. This was my second workshop with Amanda and I look forward to participating in future classes"
Thank you for delivering a fabulous learning weekend!
Your breadth of knowledge is inspiring and your wabi-sabi style is infectious. I am particularly fascinated by Powertex and all its possibilities! I look very forward to continuing on my artistic journey with your voice as my guide…"

"I’m taking an intro to encaustic course with Amanda, and feel extremely grateful for it. Not only is the medium a source of endless creativity, but Amanda is the ideal instructor. She gives ample information so you feel prepared, while also giving space for your own agency in the design and execution of your pieces. As an art instructor myself, I know how challenging it can be to guide beginners. In her class, I am a beginner to encaustics, but thanks to her patience and empathic teaching style, I don’t feel lost; instead, I feel empowered with the right tools and techniques to produce something unique, beautiful, and soulfully nourishing. Her classes fill up quickly though, so registering early is probably a good idea!!"
-Andrea Noriega
"Not only does Amanda produce beautiful art, but she is a positive, enthusiastic and talented teacher as well. I have taken several workshops from her and love the warm, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere she creates."
-Cynthia Incze
"As an artist already familiar with encaustic painting. I came to your workshop with very high expectations. You did not disappoint! I I loved the way you gave us just enough and then let us work and when we were ready you gave us more. I am still on a high! Thank you so much for the wonderful day. I look forward to more workshops with you!"

Email Amanda with your requests for a workshop.