Fort McPherson NWT

Introducing ‘Fort McPherson,’ a poignant piece from the ‘Unearthed’ collection. This 6x52x2 inches encaustic totem stands as a tribute to the Residential School children who never returned home. Created with handmade paper delicately torn and tattered, then wrapped in threads, … Read More

Cardston AB

Cardston, AB 22 x 4 x 5 inches encaustic sculpture from the Unearthed collection. Created with 100% encaustic medium, nails, and paper, it evokes resilience. Strong yet fragile, it serves as a poignant reminder of the children who endured the … Read More

Guardian 1

The Guardian 1, measuring 27 x 9 x 5 inches, stands as a solemn testament within the ‘Unearthed’ series. Born from the symposium, this sculpture seamlessly intertwines the sacred symbolism of birds and women, offering a reverent homage to the … Read More


Introducing “Innocence” – a poignant tribute standing at 7×7 inches, crafted from authentic children’s moccasins. Rusted and hardened, these moccasins serve as a solemn reminder of the children who never returned home, some as young as three, their innocence forever … Read More

Secret Totem – 20×20 in.

Only one available, this original 20×20″ Encaustic painting by Artist Amanda Pierce has been created on a 1.5″ thickness gallery wood frame using encaustic medium and pigments. From the series MY DNA IS OF EARTH AND SKY.   When I … Read More

Saddle Lake AB

Introducing ‘Saddle Lake AB’ from the Un-Earthed collection. This 52 x 19 x 2 inches totem bears testament to resilience. Created with hand-made paper wrapped around each bundle, it exudes a weathered, unearthed feel—a haunting reminder of years gone by, … Read More

Lestock SK

Introducing the Lestock SK Encaustic Totem 6×51 inches from the Unearthed Series on reclaimed wood : a poignant testament to the lost children of the Canadian residential school system. Standing at 6×52 inches on gallery panel wood, this totem weaves … Read More

Grouard AB

Introducing the Grouard AB Encaustic Totem on reclaimed wood from the Unearthed Series: a poignant fusion of artistry and memory. Standing at 11×18 inches, this encaustic mixed media magnum opus breathes life into reclaimed wood, each fiber infused with history. … Read More

Blue Quills – Sold

‘Blue Quills’ from the Un-Earthed collection. This 53in x 12in x 1inch totem carries profound symbolism. Each bundle twig and etch mark represents a child lost to the residential school system—a solemn tribute to those who never made it home. The … Read More

Kamloops BC

Introducing ‘Kamloops BC’ from the Un-Earthed collection. This 11in x 10in x 5in sculpture is a poignant reflection. Created with 100% encaustic medium, each bundle is meticulously hand-carved, symbolizing a child from the residential school system who never returned home. … Read More

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