Private Workshops

Sometimes you just want that one on one

Take your artistic expression to the next level
Dive deeper into your craft
Push yourself out of your comfort zone

One-on-one private workshops allow you to focus extensively on what you want to dive deep into and learn about encaustics or cold wax and the benefit is you get me all to yourself!

We will design the workshop together focusing on where you are in your creative process and where you’d like to go. So whether you are a beginner or an established artist. I get it, You want to see the technique in action, first-hand, and without the distraction of a larger workshop. Maybe, all you want to learn in encaustics is how to do shellac burn or learn different techniques to do a solvent pull when it comes to working with cold wax.

Whether it be three hours, a full day or 5 days we will have plenty of time for hands-on and personal exploration. I have a very strong sense of intuition that allows me to listen and hear your passion and help you create and express yourself through your art. You’ll be encouraged to take risks and let go of preconceived ideas. So no matter if you are just learning encaustics or cold wax or want to deepen a regular creative practice, a private workshop will fuel your imagination and artistic direction. It would be an honor to walk with you on your journey.

With my one on one coaching I will help you hone your creative vision, get clarity around your goals and master your artistic skills.


Location: Hello Studio, Ottawa, Ontario.

Cost is $420 (Includes most materials) for a full day from 10am to 4pm or $60 an hour with a minimum of a three hours session.

If outside of the Ottawa / Gatineau area to visit your studio the cost is $520 per day + travel expenses.


Contact Amanda for available dates