As an artist, finding a physical venue to display your work is an exciting stage in one’s career.  Earlier in 2020, my artistic creations were about to be exhibited at Intempo Design Studio in Ottawa, Ontario.  The COVID19 quarantine, cancellations and social distancing changed all that.  With no physical dwelling for my work at this moment, I am now presenting it here for your enjoyment.  Entitled ‘MY DNA IS OF EARTH AND SKY’, it is a collection of over fifteen original designs.  Each has been devised with the intent to remind you of the simplicity of life.

Completed in the encaustic medium, the paintings echo the raw and natural beauty of the seasonal landscapes surrounding us.  Utilizing earthy tones and textures, each painting allows you to enter a place in your imagination where you can exhale and let go.  A place, where you can relax and allow yourself to do a deep dive into the silence of your mind.  With the outside chaos turned off, you can enter a world of peace and tranquility.  I hope you enjoy my collection and through its viewing may it bring you inner joy and happiness.  For at this moment in time, there is nothing more important than your connection within.