Artworks Photography and Printing



Great care is taken while photographing the artworks to ensure colors and tones are as close as possible to the originals but due to different monitor settings and calibrations what you see online might differ from the originals. All images are taken by a professional photographer specialised in artworks photography with cutting edge equipment and technology, a calibrated workflow is applied from the camera up to the printer.


Prints are available on two different papers, the regular one is the Epson Enhanced Matte with a weight of 192 grams per square meter, a thickness of 10.3 mil and a brightness rated at 104%.
The premium choice is done on the Epson Legacy Fibre which is a 100% cotton paper, acid free with a weight of 314 grams per square meter, a thickness of 19 mil and a brightness of 93% achieved without the addition of optical brightening agents. This ensures exceptional archival properties, up to 300 years while printed on an Epson printer with genuine pigments.


Solice, available as a print