Artistic Statement

Amanda is a resident artist and instructor at Lafab Cultural Center, nestled in the serene surroundings of Chelsea, Quebec. A dedicated Canadian Cree Métis contemporary abstract encaustic artist, sculptor, and workshop facilitator, Amanda's artistic endeavors have been described as "hauntingly beautiful." Her creations are characterized by rich textures, captivating 3D elements, and a distinctive incorporation of nature-inspired, recycled materials, and found objects.

Amanda not only creates captivating art but also shares her expertise through teaching. Her workshops focus on guiding participants to create authentic art that comes from the soul. Amanda's approach is intuitive, emphasizing a letting go process that allows individuals to connect with their inner creativity in a meaningful way.

Originating from Saskatchewan, Amanda's artistic journey began amidst the boundless open skies and prairies of her childhood. The absence of television and phones allowed her imagination to blossom, leading to an innate ability not only to capture nature on canvas but also to listen and respond intuitively. Adopted in the 60s, Amanda brings a unique perspective to her art, merging her personal journey with the vast landscapes that inspired her.

Now based in Gatineau, Quebec, Amanda has been mentored by exceptional artists locally and internationally. In her studio, Amanda creates each piece intuitively, inviting her ancestral influences to guide the creative process—a journey that transcends mere artwork to become a profound healing experience. Her creations serve as a visual dialogue, fostering a deeper connection between the observer and the canvas, evoking emotions and tension within.

A proud professional member of the International Encaustic Association, International Art Institute, National Capital Network of Sculptors, and a certified life caster and Powertex certified level IV instructor, Amanda's work has garnered recognition in both local and international exhibitions. Collectors and businesses alike have acquired her pieces, which are available for purchase through her website or for private viewing at her studio in Chelsea, Quebec.

A poignant recent project, "Un-Earthed," received generous support through a grant from Métis Nation Ontario. In this profound series, Amanda pays homage to indigenous children from residential schools discovered in mass graves across Canada. Each element in the series represents a child who never made it home, with totems serving as symbolic headstones for those who were denied proper acknowledgment. This grant-supported initiative underscores Amanda's commitment to using her art as a platform for meaningful storytelling and cultural remembrance.

Amanda's compelling work is not confined to her private studio. It can also be experienced at Santini Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario, and Old Chelsea Gallery in Chelsea, Quebec. These esteemed venues provide art enthusiasts and collectors with the opportunity to engage with Amanda's creations in curated settings, further enhancing the appreciation of her distinctive artistic voice.


Initially, there is the loose application of color, random mark making and wax texture. This is a more subliminal act, an indirect response to music and memories.

Building up layers, then gouging down, creates below an opportunity for the unexpected to reveal itself. This is the spontaneity I most enjoy!! THE BEAUTY THAT APPEARS MAGICALLY BEFORE MY EYES

When the mystery reveals the internal beauty in the piece, this is what pulls me forward... Leads me into the unknown, embracing and grappling with whatever comes up. I move through the materials to express myself and find my own visual language.

What is Encaustic?

Encaustic is a Greek word meaning “to heat or burn in”. Heat is used throughout the process, from melting the natural beeswax and dammar resin (crystallized tree sap). The medium can be used alone for its transparency or adhesive qualities or used pigmented. Pigments may be added to the medium. The medium is melted and applied with a brush or any tool the artist wishes to create from. Each layer is then reheated to fuse it to the previous layer.

This spontaneous medium where hot wax, resin and pigment meets wood panels is where Amanda intuitively manipulates color and texture to create luscious, magical works of art that invite the viewer to be lost in a meditative trance of infinite possibilities.



Amanda Pierce Artist