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Canadian Cree Métis Artist Amanda Pierce
Painter and sculptor

Originals - Archival Prints - Art Instructor

Inspired by Nature

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Amanda offers a variety of group, privates or semi private classes.

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About Amanda


I am a contemporary abstract painter, my work stems from an intuitive and subconscious process. My work is very much influenced by light, colour and texture. I experiment with techniques such as impasto, and mark marking to find my own visual language and express myself. I do this by creating continual layers to create a history of the surface.


Initially there is the loose application of colour and random mark making and wax texture. This is a more subliminal act, an indirect response to music and memories.

Building up layers, and gouging down to reveal what is below creates an opportunity for the unexpected to reveal itself. It is the spontaneity that I most enjoy!! THE BEAUTY THAT CAN APPEAR RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!
When the mystery reveals the internal beauty in the piece. This is what pulls me forward!! Leads me into the unknown, embracing and or grappling with whatever comes up. I move with the materials to express myself, to find my own visual language.

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Art Gallery

Art is central to living a balanced life. It provides perspective. It allows us to venture into the unknown and forget the trials and tribulations in the world around us. Art gives us that moment of silence and brings us back to harmony.

When you fall in love with a piece of art, it’s because the artist has been able to trigger something inside of you. It could be the entire image or a smaller portion, but it has brought you to a connecting thread in your life. Perhaps it is a forgotten memory of a loved one or experience from the past. Maybe it has taken you away into your own imagination where you discover your inner peace.

Amanda Pierce’s art is guaranteed to transport you into new worlds. Worlds where your imagination can take flight into the unknown to seize a part of yourself or a message waiting to be found.

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Art Workshops

Not content with just creating works of beauty, Amanda also shares her artistic gifts and awareness through teaching both online and in class settings.

Her in class courses are delivered in an environment that immediately puts the participant at ease. With a gentle spirit, Amanda guides her participants into accessing their inner creativity all the while giving them the tools and techniques to design and execute their own pieces of art.

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